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CONSUMER NOTICE: Be wary of guarantee or any advertisements as regards termite damage to your building employing a termite colony elimination 35, a wood replacement guarantee applies. Does this Arrangement stipulate in the fine print the so called"guarantee" may (or may not) employ at any future point in time to be determined by the business.

Using a baiting program, there can be no absolute guarantee of security of nearby buildings. There may be other termite nests. Your house is a bait station. Termite nests may exist beneath tangible on-ground floors and patios of neighboring properties, in trees. .

The Sentricon baits are placed after removal of the timber. This may involve disruption of these termites such that they prevent the in-ground Sentricon bait channel .



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Where the lumber is aligned across the cylinder that the bait can be inserted without such disturbance of the termites present the patented Exterra Termite Stations overcome this serious short-coming.

RECOMMENDATION: Exterra or Sentricon be used where a several million termites will likely consume the bait, and where a complete chemical soil barrier treatment using Premise or Termidor is not practicable or desired.



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A termite monitoring and baiting software can be incorporated with a range of methods such as (1) drilling susceptible trees and eradication of any termite nest located therein,And (2) in conjunction with a follow up chemical soil treatment using Termidor or Premise.

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Rapid termite colony development and construction infestation is associated with a readily available timber food and moisture source nearby the nest. Additionally, buildings are constructed in a way that allow undetectable entry to be gained by termites to the timbers of the construction from the ground. Listed below are a few helpful recommendations for the house owner to execute in order to reduce the possibility of activity within a building. .

Moisture exclusion from inside the wall cavities, around the base of the construction and sub-floor region (if any). Ag-drains' setup can excludes from a sub-floor region water run-off. Make sure there is adequate flow ventilation in the area. Additionally, a plumber ought to be engaged to ensure there's no water leakage from plumbing pipes in the shower recess the bathroom, kitchen , down pipes, guttering and ac unit overflow.

Please note: dampness high humidity or moisture collecting in a wall is to promoting scale termite activity inside the building of high risk. .

Elimination of any timber in contact with the soil. Timbers should be kept above ground to allow full inspection of underground termite activity (coming out of the soil thereunder). Any landscaping using timber chip mulch and railroad sleepers should definitely be removed, as they provide ready food supply to help in Extra resources termite colony development. .



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Ensure inspection access is unimpeded, particularly in sub-floor regions (suspended floors) in order to look for evidence of termite activity. Be certain you can inspect the whole slab edge for evidence of termite mud-shelter tubes if your property is on a concrete slab on ground floors. Do NOT allow this region to be covered by pavers, landscaping, planter pots, etc, as termites frequently gain entry into the walls of a building through this locality, especially through outside weep holes and minute (2 mm) gaps in the mortar in brick-work. .

If you find termites or termite damaged timbers DO NOT disturb the area. Don't use spray insecticides on the termites or may. If disturbed, the termites are likely to move everywhere, and may not be rediscovered until obvious damage has been done. The termite controller can present Intrigue termite dust or Exterra termite bait right to the termites present in an effort to get rid of the termite colony - as discussed in detail above. .

Client Note: the setup of a chemical soil barrier doesn't negate the need for inspections that are competent that are regular - at least 3 to 6 weeks in which the risk is elevated.



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We recommend 3 or 6 monthly tests have been carried for the initial two years following a chemical soil treatment. Monitoring of"stand-alone" baiting systems

BE AWARE the correct identification of harmful termite species, inspection of a building for tell-tale signs, analysis of conditions and implementation of a successful termkite control program requires professional ability and judgement based upon professional training and extensive field-work experience in pest management in a vast array of circumstances.

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